Where there is sport, there is Spiideo. 


At Spiideo, we aim to deliver astonishingly simple, powerful, and innovative solutions to the global sports community that shape the future of sports video productions, analysis, and consumption.


Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden - with remote offices throughout Europe and North America -  we're working to improve the video analysis and streaming process for sports teams around the world. 

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Open Jobs 


Sales Development Manager

- North America 

Location: North America, Remote based


Engineering & Development

Tech Lead - Video Capture & Ingestion

Location: Malmö, Sweden


Backend Developer

- North America 

Location: North America, Remote based


Data engineer

Location: Malmö, Sweden





Media Sales Manager -


Location: Remote based /Malmö, Sweden


Sales Director -

North America

Location: Remote based 


Meet the team 


Johan is one of our amazing developers in front-end team. He started at Spiideo in 2018, after completing an MSc Information and Communication Technology. Let's get to know Johan a bit more...


Federico Sbisà 

I'm super passionate about sports, especially football. I can watch 3 matches on three different screens at the same time... The wife is not very happy, but I can get away with that by saying "it's for work reasons".


Tove Eklund

Tove takes care of Spiideo's social media & marketing. She joined Spiideo in 2019 and she is a hardcore coffee lover, as you can see! Let's get to know Tove a bit more...


 Dirk Brettschneider

Dirk is one of our amazing Customer Success Managers. Originally from Berlin, Germany he joined the Spiideo team in 2020.
Let's get to know him a bit better...


 James D. Jamaleldine

James joined our team in 2020 as sales manager for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, working out of Berlin, Germany. Let's get to know this passionate sports guy!

Morgan (1)

Morgan is Spiideos first Sales Mangers and joined the team in 2017. He has played professional soccer in Sweden, USA, Italy, and has a big passion for sports, and is our go-to guy for Ice Hockey 🏒
Let's get to know him a bit better...

Jonas A

Jonas has been with Spiideo since 2015 and has worked with developing our system. Let's get to know this surfer a bit better 🏄‍♂️


Aleksis Riihijärvi

Aleksis is one of our Sales Development Manager EU and he's a real sports enthusiast 🏒
Let's get to know him a bit better...